Why do some homes sit on the market for so long?

Sometimes, home sellers try to sell their home themselves as an FSBO. They often stay on the market for months, simply because home sellers don't have time to show it because they're working. A real estate agent may have taken charge of the ad when the FSBO stopped selling the house. This is especially noticeable if you haven't done an upgrade in a decade or more.

Cara Ameer, associate stockbroker at Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty in Ponte Vedra, Florida. The mirrors in the entrance ran 20 feet from floor to ceiling and continued up the stairs to the second floor. Homebuyers were arrested as soon as they entered. That said, the problem is most likely not with your agent.

Most of the time, when a home stays on the market for too long it's because it has a serious problem that needs to be addressed, such as overpriced prices or necessary upgrades. If you're not willing to make those changes, you should consider other home selling options, such as HomeGo. One of the most common reasons why some properties spend many days on the market is because they have a high price. Buyers often stay away from a property that they think is too expensive.

They have other options where they think they are getting better value for money. It's a wise tactic to lower the selling price if you don't see any offers after a few days. At the recent annual conference of the National Association of Real Estate Publishers in Washington, I learned how localized the home sales markets can be. Some markets are booming (this is called a seller's market, where there are more qualified buyers than there are houses available for sale).

However, there are other local buyer markets with more homes for sale than qualified buyers. If you've had a home for sale for six months or longer in most markets, then it's time to take a closer look at the home and why it might not be selling. You're ready to move to a new property and therefore need to sell your home quickly in today's market. Your home can spend weeks and months on the market without a buyer if you try to sell it without making repairs.

The numbers are particularly disheartening for first-time buyers, people selling legacy properties, and those selling homes on behalf of older family members who can no longer stay there. Homes that stay on the market for a long time may sell for less than the asking price, but they may not. This is where supply and demand come into play, which they give and receive, depending on price and other factors. The obvious option is to simply take your home off the market and wait a period of time before trying to sell it again.

If your real estate agent finds it difficult to easily show your home to interested buyers, you may find it difficult to sell it. If you're tired of trying to sell your home and need to sell it quickly in today's market, consider selling to HomeGo. If the house has been on the market for too long compared to other homes, buyers may wonder what's happening to the house so it doesn't sell.

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