Is it harder to buy or sell a house?

What's more, selling your home on your own is probably much harder than you think. This is the best time to sell a home in 20 years. Inventory is close to historic lows and home prices are at their highest levels. Even the most “tedious” houses receive multiple offers and sell at lightning speed.

Homes for sale are scarce and, with such strong demand, prices are high. While it doesn't really help you buy a home, it does give you more time, allowing sellers to stay in their homes for a full 30 days after selling their property to the company. Depending on how much the value of your home has increased and how much equity you have accumulated in it, you could make significant profits if you sell while there is still demand for homes. While the latter is certainly good news for first-line sellers, it also leaves many excited about selling their home quickly and cost-effectively, but unable to find a new one quickly enough (or within their price range) to replace it.

These companies buy homes directly from homeowners, fix them up, and then put them back up for sale later, once the seller has moved out. Knock, for example, has a “home exchange” program, which allows you to buy your new home (with no less than a Knock-based cash offer), move and pay only one mortgage while the company sells your property. This means that you can sell your home at a high profit, but you may struggle to find and buy a new one after that due to high demand.

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