What is the most common day to list a house?

Thursday is the most popular day for agents to post new ads, and homes listed on that day apparently sell faster, according to Redfin, a real estate agency. Thursday ads, which is the best day to list a house, are also more likely to sell for more money. Zillow research shows that homes that trade on a Thursday are more likely to sell above their retail price than those that trade on any other day of the week, while homes that trade on Saturday or Sunday are the least likely to sell above the list. List your home on a Thursday to increase the chances that it will sell faster and for more money.

On the contrary, the worst day of the week to put a property on the market is Sunday. Homes listed on Sundays tended to stay on the market for eight days longer than those listed on Thursdays and were less likely to receive offers above the asking price. In fact, the general view that you should publish on a Thursday has only taken hold in recent years, as more and more potential buyers, and even their agents, begin searching the Internet, Knipe says. Studies have been conducted on the best days to put up for sale and, in fact, houses listed on Thursdays have been found to sell faster.

Zillow research also shows that Thursday ads are 1.5% more likely to sell above the asking price, while homes listed on Saturday or Sunday were 1.3% less likely to sell above the list. In today's competitive housing market, the time it takes to sell a home is measured in days, not weeks. This doesn't mean you can't sell your home if you accidentally put it up for sale on the wrong day, but paying attention to the most popular days can benefit you a lot. Elmer Morales, a HomeLight Elite agent who is several hours south of San Bernardino, California, also prefers to make his list earlier in the week to have time to anticipate the open day.

The Zillow homeowners panel is the fastest way to find out which month is the best to list a home in your area and calculates the selling price of your home now compared to.

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